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Consumer Law Partners, LLC represents consumers who are harassed by debt collectors and telemarketing companies. When debt collectors violate your rights, we help you recover damages and stop the harassment.

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    When your creditors behave in ways that violate your rights as a consumer, our team takes action. When we evaluate your case and discover violations, we advise you of your rights and create a legal strategy to stop abusive creditors in their tracks.
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    We put an end to the abuse by stopping harassing phone calls and letters and make debt collectors pay for violating your rights.
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    Consumer Law Partners, LLC employs the top attorneys nationwide to ensure your consumer rights are protected.


    "Consumer Law Partners helped me take the debt collectors off of my back. They not only helped remove it off my credit report but they also gave me 1,000 dollars."

    "CLP cleaned up my credit report and allowed me to finally be approved for a credit card."

    "I had an old repossession from many years ago. The debt collector was hounding me down, David Klain and his team helped get the calls stopped and at the end of the case I got a check."

    Are You a Victim of Debt Collector Harassment and Abuse?

    Debt collectors must follow specific rules set forth by the FDCPA when attempting to collect a debt. When these are violated, the FDCPA allows you to recover up to $1,000 in statutory damages. If a debt collector’s abusive behavior resulted in actual injuries, you may be entitled to recover substantially more. Consumer Law Partners, LLC makes sure you get the settlement you deserve.

    Specific Rules

    Common Debt Collections Violations

    There are several ways a debt collector may be violating your rights. The most common violations and abuses include:

    • False Threats to Consumers

      Under the FDCPA, debt collectors are prohibited from making threats to consumers about actions they do not intend to take. This includes threatening litigation they do not intend to pursue, as well as threats of arrest, imprisonment, or property seizure.

    • Imposing Unfair Fees

      Charging unfair late fees, interest, or convenience fees is against the law. When a debt collector tries to collect more than is owed, our team will hold them accountable.

    • Unreasonable Contact

      The FDCPA regulates when and how debt collectors are allowed to contact you. When agencies call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., contacts you at work if your employer prohibits it, contacts unauthorized third parties or contacts you after you’ve asked them in writing to stop, we can put an end to their unlawful tactics.

    • Misrepresentation

      Collections companies must identify themselves when attempting to collect a debt. If debt collectors fail to identify themselves as bill collectors, pretend to be attorneys, police officers, investigators, or anyone other than who they are, it is a violation of the FDCPA and the collector can be sued.