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We Sue Debt Collectors...And Win

Consumer Law Partners, LLC enforces the rights of consumers like you nationwide. When unscrupulous debt collectors and telemarketers violate your rights under federal laws like FDCPA, TCPA or FCRA, we make sure their abusive tactics are stopped and they are held accountable.

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    We Protect Consumers from Creditor Misconduct

    The FDCPA regulates the way bill collectors are able to attempt to collect unpaid debts. There are things creditors cannot say, times they cannot call, fees they cannot impose, and other rules they must not violate. These rules are lengthy, definitions are confusing, and bill collectors are experienced at working around the system. Without extensive knowledge of these federal rules, you may not even realize your rights have been violated.

    When your creditors behave in ways that violate your rights as a consumer, our team takes action. We will evaluate your case to determine whether the party that is causing you distress has violated your rights. When violations are discovered, we will advise you of your rights and create a legal strategy to stop abusive creditors in their tracks.


    "Consumer Law Partners helped me take the debt collectors off of my back. They not only helped remove it off my credit report but they also gave me 1,000 dollars."

    "CLP cleaned up my credit report and allowed me to finally be approved for a credit card."

    "I had an old repossession from many years ago. The debt collector was hounding me down, David Klain and his team helped get the calls stopped and at the end of the case I got a check."

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    We Stop Telemarketer Harassment

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates telemarketing calls, junk faxes, robocalls, unwanted texts, and spam. Unfortunately, unscrupulous telemarketers unlawfully harass thousands of consumers like you every day. While ignoring these communication attempts may seem like an easy way to discourage their misconduct, these problems rarely go away on their own. In fact, they often become even more burdensome, costing our clients time and money and causing undue stress.

    You do not have to put up with this kind of harassment any longer. Consumer Law Partners, LLC can help you put a stop to the misconduct of telemarketers and companies who are causing you to suffer. We may even be able to help you get compensation.

    We Make Sure Violators Pay

    When debt collectors and telemarketers violate your rights, you may be entitled to compensation. If you lost money or property, or you were emotionally, physically, or financially harmed, your recovery could be significant. We will make sure violators pay.

    Under the FDCPA, you may be able to recover up to $1,000 for damages caused by a debt collector’s abusive conduct. If you suffered emotional distress, physical harm, or out of pocket costs due to the misconduct, the violator could be held liable for your losses.

    Under the TCPA, abusive telemarketers may be held liable for at least $500 in statutory damages per offense. If it is determined that the harassment was willful, damages may be increased to $1,500 per violation. If do-not-call violations occurred as well, they can be held liable for up to an additional $500 per violation and $500-$1,500 for junk faxes.

    Additionally, winning your claim means the debt collector is responsible for attorneys’ fees.