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We Sue Debt Collectors...And Win

Consumer Law Partners, LLC serves as trusted advocates for consumers like you nationwide. We protect debtors who have fallen victim to the unlawful tactics of bill collectors. When debt collection companies, third-party collectors and debt collection attorneys violate federal rules, our team makes sure they pay.

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    We Are Consumer Rights Advocates On a Mission

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of consumers like you are victimized by fraudulent, abusive and inappropriate behaviors of bill collectors and telemarketers. Consumer Law Partners is here to put an end to debt collector harassment and abuse. We are a firm on a mission to ensure that your rights, as consumers, are protected.

    Our team focuses on obtaining just treatment for debtors when debt collectors or telemarketers:

    • Call you repeatedly, at inappropriate times, or where it is prohibited.
    • Make threats or claim that you’ll be arrested, that they’ll take your property, or that they plan to sue when they don’t.
    • Fail to identify themselves as bill collectors, pretend to be someone they’re not, or mislead you about who they are.
    • Attempt to inflate the amount they claim you owe by imposing unfair fees, charges or interest.
    • Use abusive or obscene language when attempting to collect a debt.
    • Otherwise violate FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, or other consumer rights rules.


    "Consumer Law Partners helped me take the debt collectors off of my back. They not only helped remove it off my credit report but they also gave me 1,000 dollars."

    "CLP cleaned up my credit report and allowed me to finally be approved for a credit card."

    "I had an old repossession from many years ago. The debt collector was hounding me down, David Klain and his team helped get the calls stopped and at the end of the case I got a check."

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    We Are Experienced Legal Professionals and Trained Advocates

    The Consumer Law Partners, LLC team is comprised of top legal professionals and trained advocates nationwide. Our work helps enforce your protections under federal consumer laws such as FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA. When your rights have been violated, we take action.

    • We Stop Creditor and Telemarketer Harassment
    • We Eliminate unwanted robocalls
    • We help you get compensation including statutory damages, actual damages and attorney fees